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What can a child's turkey recipe offer you that Martha Stewart's cannot? Sprinkles? Worms? Check out these amazing recipes from our community's 1st and 2nd graders to find out!

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In the Wednesday, Nov. 17 edition of The Williston Herald, the sports story titled, “WSC men’s basketball enters 4-game losing streak,” was incorrect. The story should have said that the men’s basketball team won 113-67 on Sunday, Nov. 14. The headline, subsequently, was also incorrect. The …

Whether you work in or with the energy sector in the Williston Basin, you know that it’s a constantly evolving landscape. Staying on top of it means constantly chasing that leading edge, and that’s what Energy Chaser is all about. We’ll keep you connected with what’s happening to the sector in the Bakken and beyond.

INSIDE: Physicians, Specialists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometry, Fitness, Massage and MORE!

By Nick Simonson “We now return you to your regularly scheduled program!” Whether it was Bozo the Clown before school or Saturday morning cartoons, when interrupted by a breaking news story or weather alert, those nine words were a relief during my childhood that no matter what was happening in the world or on the...

NDG&F Dept. Release Outdoor enthusiasts are reminded to be aware of early ice conditions before traveling onto and across North Dakota waters. A few reminders include: Edges firm up faster than farther out from shore. Snow insulates ice, which in turn inhibits solid ice formation, hiding cracks, weak and open water areas. Ice can form...

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